La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-05-15 23:45:00 (UTC)

A mater of life or death sometimes.

Today as I prepared to begin my class, one of my students came up to me and told me a lady had just sufered an accident and she needed help, so I ran out and went to investigate who it was and what she was talking about, needless to say when I went up to the woman who apeared to had fainted and hit her head wide open, she lied on the floor confused, unresponssive and in a pudle of her own blood, quite an image if yo ask me, I imidiatly asked her nearest relative to call nine one one, and he seem to bee doing this as I ran back to my hand bag and got one of my essencial oils got back and began rubbing it on the woman lying on the floor, I kept asking her to please stay steel, try not to move, but she kept trying to get up, so in such a comotion I tried to held her head down and my hand ended up at the bottom of her lession, as I touched her head and realized the magnitude of the wound I realized her brain was begininng to swell up and I imitialitly remembered a friend who works in fist aid responses for the comunity so I called him and he was there in no time, he then asked me to move so he could examin the woman, and then the ambulance got there. While all this was going on I kept praying please don't let her die, please don't let her die. I know this lady she is the mother of my husbands very good friend. So am greatful to say she is in the hospital in the ICU and is stable. What hapend is that her blood sugar went up to 400 and she colapsed. Now that I am writting about this insident today I realize the important task I have to share my testemony with the people in this comunity so they may have a better understanding of how dengerous it is to not keep yous sugar levels under control, some times it means a matter of life or death as simple ase that. So I hope sooner than later I may be able to figure out how to motivate and educate these people. Love yourself enough to care for you, please!!!