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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-05-15 21:56:20 (UTC)

He struck back!

'my ex guy' struck back lol, he texts the guys who I sent to his number and gave them my number with a "call me". PMSL!!!

I've had four calls so far. I answered the first one unexpectedly, and it was the rich flash guy, and he was like, " what do you mean who is that? You just asked me to call you on WhatsApp". I said, oh, lemme check my WhatsApp and ended the call and blocked him. 🤣

LMFAOOOOO! I'm dying of laughter!

'my ex guy' is telling them all "call me" and giving them my number. Shithead, lol. I didn't bother answering the others, just blocked. Then I changed my WhatsApp profile to an old man sucking a banana with the name "Bonnie's sugar daddy", and in my about me, I put "Bonnie - 07########## " with 'my ex guys' number. Lolololol

He hasn't blocked me and clearly thinking he is funny sending them back to me. Wait till he gets the big black guys!!


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