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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-05-15 20:28:02 (UTC)

Red Erection

Who'd of thought an ironing board could suffice as a wallpapering paster table! Lol...

The whiskey blues were playing up loud, and I completed wallpapering my downstairs lavatory. It looks booshie! As my daughter's boyfriend would say, lol. He says our house is booshie....nice one buddy 😁

I'm taking my daughter out shopping with me tomorrow, buy some pictures for it, some new towels and plants.

Dating apps are refilled with messages but im a bit too chilled to care much about it or being too invested in chatting. There is one guy I like though, he's sexy and fun to talk too, attentive.

Phil's on the phone to me again, we're not really saying much lol coz im watching some twad on Netflix and busying about my phone while laying on the sofa.

I sent a Greek guy too 'my ex guys' phone number on WhatsApp, there's a few more I'll be sending in his fwb direction also 😉

I told vicky she was cracking up, she wants to meet again soon.

My kitty was in bitch mode earlier so I considered wallpapering over her on the wall, 😂🤣....made me chuckle thinking of her breaking out of it.

Ahhhhhhh, I feel so relaxed!!

Modern long towel rails are fkn murder to wallpaper around 🤬

Oh, I sent the masochist to 'my ex guys' phone number also 😎 told him to make sure he sends me a pic of his 'red erection" lol....who tf calls a hardon a red erection. Smh 🥴