my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-05-15 19:54:53 (UTC)

boring day

I woke up early today. In the morning, I studied German, and ompleted my homework. Actually, exams were cancelled but I must have sent it to the teacher. So, I completed it. I read some book after breakfast, and talked with my voluntary work friends. We'll create an English speking club.I hope we can :') I also registered for the international relations part of the club.
Then, I drank coffee with my family. My mother served the desserts we bought some days ago for the eid. While we were eating them, my mom wanted to give me her plate xD I didn't want to accept her offer because I don'y like sweet things too much. Then, my father complained about my eating habits. Probably he thought that I'm consuming lot of desserts or sugary things etc. I told him that I don't want to eat so much because he should have known that I don't like them so much. But he said me he is behaving like that because I must be used to have all kinds of critisims in the future. The most nonsense thing I've ever heard!
After this coffee hour, I was in my room. I played guitar. Because I registered for an online event. I'm planning to play guitar there. I practised Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart. And I stalked my crush. I learned lots of things about his family. Luckily, I'm still unsure about my feelings.
We had lunch late. So, we didn't have dinner for today. I didn't want to eat, because I don't like eating if I'm not hungry and if the time is too late.
Iı was going to talk with my friends and join an online speaking club. Unfortunately, I couldn't do them. So, I practised chess. I learned some kinds of checkmates, but I don't like practising endgames so much. I think openings are the most enjoyable part.
By the way, I'm planning to talk with my friends, draw something, and change my guitar strings for tomorrow.

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