If I die today
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2021-05-15 08:31:26 (UTC)

it takes one

Yesterday I had one sagria (single serve bottle) to overcome the panic or anxiety whatever Im starting to get frustrated angry packing up stuff is overwhelming and lame I feel redicoulous. so I worked on things from a bit after 10 till about 1 then I had a sagria made lunch mom called. The one gave me a good buzz"Thats nothing new really it was dads birthday ok so last night he finally said thank you for the present will use love you. I was exscecting more of an apprection but what can I say I need to give freely. Well toady later idk what time we are going to move furniture. I"ve been thinking about just getting another small storafe unit the smalles woulf be 6by6 just for a month and have 2 a pick at some of this stuff I have occumulated and use things then see if we can complact if or do somehitng who knows when we will get an apartment or something. I"m fairly comfrotable but its an extreme so I went from all this stuff my own studio altho not huge or anything it was all mine down to RV size. So its humbling probaly good for me to have this expiernce. I like it thou and its nice to have nDea I love him. The dog too the dogs a spaz but he's sweet and a good pet. I'm still taking the xr sheild my dentist appointment are the 19 and 20 so I'd like to hang around 3 a day till least just before those then cut abck to one for maintmence. Althou thats not the directions whatever I do what I want and what makes sence to me. Probally why im such a mess . Last night we snuggled and watched the skeleton key I remver that movie from ages ago but breif momeories I kinda enjoyed the movie this time. They need to make a part 2. We went to bed around 11 I was up for a second at 4or5 but rolled back to sleep till 8 I have 1 flexeril at bedtime. Id like to make mhy life sound more interesting but its all lame to be real so this is it but I can see glimpses of this as my life with my man. IDK how down the road things will look with fmailies n stuff my family kinda seems to be whatever about it . IM not too sure on his and I dont consider his ex fmaily but I know theres a connection there and what do ya do. I'm not conivenced that she's someone i should ever be expsoed to . Nothing is pressing or coming up but my own thoughts about all this are brewing. I'm under no pressure or no mention of anything. I just want to be good for him and good to him and support him but still from my stand point the woman is an abuser mentally and emotionally. Anyhow I think the days gonna begin soon. nDea is gettin a shower now so I should go get ready to take over the world. I have no plans other than going to storage so it seems like today we'll be together all day unless something comes p that seperates us

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