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2021-05-15 05:40:46 (UTC)

Rare early bird moment😱

I'm up way too early and that's fine. I've been up since 4AMish. No wonder people get up early. You can get a lot done in a day this way. What a concept!! Mind blown! hehe. JK. I've done my share of getting up early in the mornings. Having to be at work at 5AM. I miss those days.....NOT!!! 😈😤. When I woke up, I think I was still mentally in work mode. I was ready to rock it. I had ideas and plans already for my future projects. But I had to slap myself mentally and switch into the old laid back Hawaiian mode. It's the weekend and I need to chill. Lots of zen time this morning just not in bed. I'm in my work space where my laptop is set up hooked up to two additional monitors. All three screens with different apps running. Not work apps. Just fun social media stuff. Coffee is ready so yeah...great way to start a Saturday.

Phone died. Forgot to charge it last night so I don't know what I was invited to go to this weekend. It's heavily used but the battery still lasts awhile from morning till almost the next morning and that's with constant use. It's a Note 9 and I guess I could upgrade it to the newest fancy-smancy Samsung phone but meh... don't really need it. Which of course means I'll probably get the newest one this year. I saw some commercials on it and they fold now. Pfffft!! Also, I heard the new 2021 MacBook this year will have all the classic ports on it again like the HDMI, SD, USBC and maybe thunderbolt or is USB C the same thing? Dunno. My current MacBook is a 2013 late model. It still runs like a champ and it was my first MacBook. If I had a Windows laptop, I'd have replaced it at least twice by now I reckon. This baby still has a lot of life on it. Boots up nearly as it did on day one. I think it's because it's an SSD drive. I may or many not get the new model. Depends on my mood I guess and I have to watch out and keep a pulse on the economy. I don't want to become a statistic and end up living in a tent. But if I had to, I do have four tents. 🤪.

Today, I just got my gym class to attend and then I'm going to have breakfast at this Italian cafe in my neighborhood. I love these little Mom and pop shops. It's Italina so should I call it a Momma and Poppa shop? It's called the Mirabelle Cafe and they have an awesome array of dessert on display. A barista machine that looks and makes such good coffee. It so nice and it's way too expensive for my blood. I love it though. How can they make coffee machines look so sexy? I know I know... I probably need professional help. 😊. Anyway, I did send my "match" on my dating app a message saying I'm headed over there today after class and if she'd care to join me for breakfast. I won't tell her about the part where I'm going there more for the sexy barista machine than for her. Probably won't score any brownie points for that one.

I had a crappy dream last night. Forgot to take my rose crystals with me. I was charging it in the sun and left it out. It was about my last home I owned. The ex was ransacking the house again and left it bare bones and the plumbing backed up too. Possibly on purpose. So yeah. I guess I have to live with the fact that some real life nightmares never leave your mind. I guess this is one of them. But If anyone got this, I do. It was just a stupid dream and all that was just flashbacks of Negative times in the past. So that's good. As long as it stays in the past where it belongs.

Spoke to my friend Susan checking up on her. She says her Mom may be moving from CA to Texas. Funny, when I retire I too was considering moving to Texas or Canada. (Chill my Canadian friend, I was just playing....or maybe not). Anyway, Texas has more bang for your buck. My friend's Mom is getting a place there. 3 bed 2 bath with a few stand alone buildings. I assume maybe like a barn, shed, garage, etc, etc. and 5 acres of property. In CA, you may get an old house 3/2 on a small lot for about the same price. Anyway, she says when her Mom moves, she may sell her beat up old house and move there too. Might be a good move for her.

As for me, I am not tied to anything and can move anywhere. I didn't look into it too much but since we're teleworking, I could move anywhere right now and telework wherever I am. Not sure if it's ok to do but if I was serious about it, I'd look into it and could possibly even live in Europe while still working. All I have to do is do the clickitty-click thing on my keyboard and mumble a few fancy IT phrases during our Microsoft-Teams mtgs and they pay me a six figure salary. I can imagine what that'd bring me living in Thailand or some other Country where the U.S. $ is worth a lot. Meh... it's just rambling pipe dreams for now. Just speculating on my options. But they are options and I'm lucky to have them. Making the most out of this fun confusing life that I have :)

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