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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-05-15 09:58:00 (UTC)

Hello, Shadow *kissy emoji*

Aww, little Bumble-bee isn't sleeping too well :(
Well, perhaps you should've thought about that before you dowsed me daily with your muddy waters, aye? He clearly, hasn't registered my polite exit plan and messages me as if we're still a possibility with kissy emojis with all the hearts :/ Phil says if I don't go hard on him (mmm), he won't go away because my polite, direct message only made him respond apologetically and lovingly. Phil says it's because I'm "thick" (American slang) and have mothered his problems until recently. LOL.

I still need my shed done, though, so Bumble can keep buzzing for a bit. I can guarantee you, though, when I watch him banging that shed together with ease, my vagina is going to weep and send waves pulsing through me, and it may well be likely, I will want to fuck him. He is an exceptional looking man, and if he is knocking up my shed with ease, goddam, knock me up too! Lol. (No, not with pregnancy, god no! My baby days are done! Ugh)

Six things I find irresistible in a man
*Can build things, DIY, craft things
*Encapsulates his primal sexual deviancies
*See's life as an experience
*Know's his own mind

Best carry on with this wallpapering; it's looking fiiiine....like my bum does when it's bent over, LMAO! Ahhhhh, I want seeeeeeex! I am going to have to do something about that and embrace my shadow.