This Is It - 2021
2021-05-13 00:00:00 (UTC)

That Snow White Type Beat


Have I mentioned I wish there was more casual knowledge about turtle health on here before? Anyway, I wish there was more casual knowledge about turtle health. I'm always worried about my pets, as I've mentioned, and I swear everything my turtle does is just a New Fear. This time it's that the sides of her shell look real weird (kind of like teeth with plaque on them??) and I don't know what that actually is. I couldn't find anything about it online, so either it's not bad or it IS bad but in a unique way. She might be dying, she might just be shedding. Who knows? I certainly don't! I'm just going to move her to her light-only tank for a little bit, let her dry off, give her a little brush bath and look at it again later to see. (I've also been looking into nearby reptile vets)

Also! Speaking of animals!!! On my way back from dropping Sister off for testing (at ***7:30 IN THE MORNING***) I found a baby deer on the side of the road by my house! And I mean RIGHT by the side of the road, which is not a safe place for a newborn baby to be. (And oh was she new - She was TINY) Me and the other two looking after the baby know that you're not supposed to mess with them because mama deers leave their babies alone while they eat so they don't attract predators to the baby that can't run yet, but they're supposed to leave them in SAFE places! Not on the shoulder of the road where they might get run over! We ended up not moving her further into the grass just incase Mama got upset, and the man stayed behind with some distance between himself and the baby to make sure Mama did come back eventually. Baby (which Sister and I named "Bamboo Caramello") wasn't there when I drove past again later, so I assume she did. The baby deer was so adorable and tiny and I was very emotional watching her nap

And of course I have some Cabs news. I finished the other two collection cards and got myself a Panchito emoji! I don't think I'm going to be able to get the Donald with the birthday sombrero, but it's okay. I have another Donald emoji, but this is one of the VERY RARE chances to get any version of Ze and/or Panchito. I also did spend more time than necessary trying to find a specific couple of pages out of the Ze Carioca comics to use for a later TikTok but you know what? I found them eventually. (And I also found a couple of Cabs memes that I thought were really funny too)

All in all, pretty nice day, even if I am worried about my turtle and exhausted from the early morning. Oh well. Time for bed - got ANOTHER early rising tomorrow

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