This Is It - 2021
2021-05-11 00:00:00 (UTC)

Day of Rest


(Yeah y'all already know my whole routine here - It was storming for a few days so I wrote my updates in my notes app, completely forgot to actually upload them here until the website emailed me and reminded me. Not even sure I should add an "oops" again - We already know I'm a mess. Anyway...)

Today was our one day of rest for the week. Sister didn't have any tests scheduled, so we got to stay home for the only time we'll get this week. I spent the day just lazing around, of course. If I'm going to be busy until the weekend, I'll enjoy my tiny break. I did do a bit of video editing as well, though, which I guess is kind of not a break? But not too stressful. This video is going to end up being a BIT longer than I expected it to be...

I also spent quite a bit of time revamping an old(ish) idea of mine for potential stickers. Maybe I could have a Redbubble shop or something? I might open it up in early June if I do, but either way over an hour of my day was indeed spent creating variations of one design and brainstorming for potential others - I'm very tired now, but it's always super fun to let myself just be creative for a bit!

But I do really need to sleep - My day of rest is done

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