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2021-05-14 18:13:48 (UTC)

A work free weekend!!! 😱

Finally a work free weekend and a weekend where I'm not worried about a pile of work come Monday. I'm all caught up for now so I can get drunk as a skunk should I chose to. Feel so giddy with all this time not knowing what kind of trouble I can get myself into. Not really but maybe a little bit because because. I barely spent any money this month so I got some room to play. Gonna check with my friends in a bit.

Been checking my Facebook dating app. Hehe. So far, I've come to like a few pics. Pics of Dogs, cats, sunsets, and other objects. Is it a thing to post pics of anything other than yourself? Do I need to Google "How to set up an online dating profile"? Apparently I do because I'm not posting pics like these and everything I'm showing of me is without sunglasses nor any pics with app modifications done to it. So I must be doing something wrong. Also, a lot of the women are posting looking for an honest man. I thought that was kind of a given. If anything, shouldn't you be posting the opposite if that's what you're looking for? For example, looking for a dishonest man? So will that stop a dishonest man? Would a dishonest man the finds your profile attractive read it and say "Oh, I better just swipe no because I'm a dishonest man and she posted on her profile that she don't want a dishonest man". Haha. Just saying...🤷🏽‍♂️. So I do find a lot of humor on this site/app or whatever it's called. I am communicating with someone that seems real. No love at first site so it'll just be to go out for coffee/breakfast after my gym class tomorrow morning. I'm going anyway so I asked if she'd like to go, she can meet me there at so and so time. There, I'm trying. Facebook should at least send me a participation medal Gif.

I'm think Sunday I'll be going kayak fishing at either Lake Amador, Pardee, or Camanche. Not sure which one yet. Going to check out the fishing reports and decide where to after that. Or....I could be hungover from Saturdays night's event and I'll just be hanging on making my way to the sofa watching QVC till the Sun is at high noon before I start to show any signs of life. Either way, no work so it's all good.

Can't help but feel good on a Friday!!!! Listening to a "get ready to party" song..

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