Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-05-14 22:44:11 (UTC)

Rum-Pum-Pum! :D :)))

Oh, what a little rum-pum-pum and a pal can do for your giggly bits! Lol

OMFG, I am dying with laughter!! So I was on a four-hour call with Phil while he drove his truck back to Kentucky, and I was on all three dating sites while we were chatting. I told him some of the things guys message me, from the Fwb wannabes, mega serious, flash full of themselves guys and soppy romantic types.

I am averaging like 20 guys messages every day on each app, and mostly I just mindfuck them for entertainment purposes when I am not interested in finding out anything about them.

Anyway's I've got a few fwb wanna-whirl-types being persistent, so Phil and I decided we would have some fun with it and wrap it in a nice big red bow of revenge, too, LMFAO!!! Tears were streaming my cheeks from laughing because guess what we did??? LOL

I seduced each of them into whatsapping me but not on my number, oh no!! I asked them to send me dick pics and video calls of them masturbating and made sure they sent me a sexy text to go along with it with my name (bonnie - dating app name) so I knew it was them. Oh, they were so up for it, we counted nine so far, and they all sent their messages and dirty pics/vids to 'my ex guys' phone number on Whatsapp!!!!!!!! My name is bonnie on the apps, and 'my ex guy' met me from one of them and knows I use that name. So all these guys have been messaging him thinking it's Bonnie :D LMAO.......we were in fits of laughter. I stayed on the apps to make sure they messaged me on them, saying they text me, LOL. I told them I would respond as soon as I was off my call to my friend in the states. But, of course, I never did.

We have lined up some more for a few more days of fun. I've never wanted to morphe into his mobile phone so badly as I did tonight or a fly on the wall just to see his reactions! Lmfao. We were like, "Can you imagine him receiving all these dick pics, sexy messages for Bonnie!" Just fkn priceless! Phil was cracking up.

As soon as the fwb's and the rats went offline, I blocked them, lol. We didn't do it with the nice men, decent guys, only the ones that pressed me for sex.

To be fair, 'my ex guy' would have most likely found it comical. Phil said, "I hope he is with a woman tonight when he is receiving all these dicks pics and video calls." LMFAO! Epic.

We plan on sending the big black men who want the Bonnie bang to his Whatsapp tomorrow :D

I think I might get two guys to give me their numbers too and swap them to each other, so they text one another dirty pics. :)) Phil said, get them to whatsapp about rods and give them Bumbles number, PMSL!!!!