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2021-05-14 17:33:40 (UTC)

Fall back into place

Last weekend was different. Or maybe it wasn't. I don't remember the ones before that last. All I know is that I probably don't usually lie around, uninterested in all the options that I would normally want to choose from. To put it shortly, I didn't like it and it felt like I was wasting valuable freetime just lying on my bed because it was all boring. Later this week, (...yesterday) I decided on what was some life plan I created on a whim that would probably require that kind of bored attitude or mindset I guess. So now I want to go back to how I was then, which is how I was a while ago. That weekend was like I went back in time to before this school year started. Back when I was sad, or bored rather. I can't exactly say that I want that negative or sad mindset back for attention because I'm aware that this isn't the kind of thing to grab the attention of the people around me. But even if I was an attention seeker, who cares.

This is weird. I'm already cringing at what I'm writing and I haven't even finished. Bye.