my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-05-14 21:08:11 (UTC)

nothing special

Despite the eid, I woke up late today. After breakfast, I talked with my voluntary work friends. We’ll start a new project. I hope everything will be fine. Then, I read some book.

In the afternoon, I drank coffee and went to my grandmother. Before going to there, I had a little bit discussion with my mother. I wore black trousers and a white blouse, but she didn’t like them. And I didn’t want to change my outfit.

Anyway, we should have stayed at home today because of the curfew. But there were lots of people who is going out...
I spent some time at my grandmother’s house and she gave me some money :’)

I was at home in the evening. I didn’t want to read some boo&. I played sims instead of that. My crush shared some photos on social media. I also looked at them. I saw his family, house, etc.
By the way, we celebrated each other’s eid yesterday :)

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