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2021-05-14 08:38:37 (UTC)

Got 20 min😊

I have 20 min this morning to do my zen thing. Just enough time to chill out and enjoy my coffee in bed. Body was being put through the wringer this week due to my gym. Sometimes my muscles don't heal as quickly so the week's workout sometimes piles into one long workout and my body hurts everywhere. At one point, my legs, arms, and shoulders were sore. I went to gym yesterday in that condition and was thinking I may struggle that day. Amazingly, my core was the only part that wasn't hurting and that's exactly what we were working on. Side plank dips, sit ups, bicycle crunches, etc, etc and cardio. So it ended up being a perfect class for a body that was all banged up. Today I rest before my 5th and final class on Saturday. That'll make it 5 for the week. Seems so routine now. I still recall not being able to do one squat or one push up on my first day a few years ago. Now I rarely even get corrected on my moves which is good for safety's sake.

Sort of like life. I aways thrive to do a little better but know enough not to put myself in situations that are really bad. My work basket of life did spill a little. Just a little tiff with my dumbs boss but meh, I still get paid the same so I see the big picture in life so I'm good. In fact, I'm pretty content. I got all I need and although I always try to get a little bit more in life, I know that I do have it pretty good.

Trying to do the dating scene with that Facebook dating app. It's free and I hate to say you get what you pay for but......there is some truth to that. Getting some communication with some of them but the age differences in matches confuse me. I put the age ranges but Facebook does some weird algorithms saying something like "I know this isn't what you asked for but here are some suggestions" and I'm still getting likes from all sorts of whacky ages. The only ranges I'm not getting are the ones with lit up shoes or people residing in nursing homes. 😱 Now I know I probably jinxed myself.

Well, enough blabbering. I got 5 min before my first long mtg so it's time to go. Later diary.

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