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I Hate Middle School
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2021-05-14 14:03:46 (UTC)

I Need Better Friends


So for context, I had a pixie cut kinda like this one for a while:

but I just got my hair cut to this one:,885&ssl=1

(just copy and paste the links into google and it should be the first image to show up). So I'm stupidly happy with how it looks and I can't stop looking in the mirror and running my hands through it. I LOVE this haircut... and I was excited to show it off to my friends. Now I really couldn't care less about their opinion on my hair but still. I walked into first period, waited a bit, and then Vinny walked in with his eyes WIDE. I didn't think it was that big of a deal but I was like whatever. But then Vinny continued to stare at me and then he asked me why. I was like "what do you mean" he said why a few more times then said "no offense but that looks horrible" or some shit like that. I was taken aback but just gave him an unimpressed look and told him he was just jealous because my hair was shorter than his will be in a week when his shaved hair grows back into a curly afro. He sits in front of me so he leaned his head back looking at me upside down and stared some more. I gave him another unimpressed look. Then he sits up, turns around to face me, and asks why it's so spikey in the back. I told him that he's an idiot and that that's what the haircut looked like. Then Avery walked in also wide-eyed. Is it really that big of a deal? I cut my hair like Jesus. I pointed to Avery and said "see Vinny, Avery likes my hair" but then that bitch started laughing. Not a "laughing at the stupid argument laugh", it was a "haha I wish I wish I could back you up here but nah" laugh. Trust me I've known her for years, I know her body language and tones of voice. After some more of Vinny being an asshole and me being unimpressed the teacher came in and told us to look at our formula sheets one last time before the test. Then this BITCH has the AUDACITY to ask ME for MY FORMULA SHEET because he lost his. I was about to tell him off but the teacher heard him and gave him a copy. Needless to say, I was pissed. The entire time we were taking the test I could see Avery and Vinny looking back at me out of the corner of their eyes. After that, we all walked to second period and I told Avery how much I liked my hair and she was like "yeah" in an almost concerned sarcastic tone. Then after second period I was walking with Avery to third and saw one of our old excel friends (Kaitlyn). Avery was like "look at Myah's hair" so I turned around and showed her for a split second. After she walked off (I didn't hear her response but I doubt she said anything bad) Avery walked over to me and I reminded her how much I loved my hair. She was like yep in that same sarcastic tone. I told her "yeah" and we just kinda went back and forth, me saying it matter-of-factly and her saying it sarcastically. That's all that happened up until now so I'll add more after lunch when I show Riley and Kiarra. I really didn't want to make a big deal out of this but bitches gonna bitch and I need to entertain myself (and my singular follower) somehow TUT. Write soon <3!

Alright, I'm back, nothing too dramatic happened at lunch. I walked in and Riley looked surprised, Kiarra looked confused but then I told them I loved my hair and they agreed that it was cute. Kiarra said I reminded her of franklin the turtle but I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and take it as a compliment. Avery added that I look like a cactus and I like cactuses and she seemed happy with herself so I'll take that as a compliment too. I saw Michael in the halls walking back to lunch so I said hey and he asked me what's up. I told him nothing much and that I wanted to go home and he agreed. He said he almost faked being sick and called off today but decided against it so that he didn't have to get a covid test and stay home 2 weeks. I admitted that I almost did the same but I had a math test today so I came anyways. Then I said goodbye and he went into his classroom. I think imma be brave and text him after school. I shouldn't be nervous he's (or at least he used to be) my best friend. I wanna go back to it and I won't give up UuU. Wish me luck, I'll write again soon!