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2042-01-01 14:33:00 (UTC)

These Things Happen (Playlist)

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "These Things Happen"
Gerald Gillum Christoph Andersson Matthew Musto
blackbear 2:24
2. "Far Alone" (featuring E-40 and Jay Ant)
Gillum Jay Anthony Fort Earl Stevens Andersson
Jay Ant G-Eazy (add.) Andersson (add.)
3. "I Mean It" (featuring Remo)
Gillum Andersson Remo Green
Remo Andersson (add.) G-Eazy (add.)
4. "Interlude"
Andersson William Bevan
Andersson 0:45
5. "Opportunity Cost"
Gillum Jordan Evans Matthew Burnett Bevan
Evans Burnett
6. "Almost Famous"
Gillum Andersson
Andersson 4:29
7. "Lotta That" (featuring A$AP Ferg and Danny Seth)
Gillum Darold Brown Danny Seth Bell Andersson James William Lavigne
Andersson G-Eazy
8. "Factory Girl (Skit)" 0:13
9. "Downtown Love" (featuring John Michael Rouchell)
Gillum John Michael Rouchell Andersson Devon Baldwin
G-Eazy 5:27
10. "Complete"
Gillum Andersson Elgin Lumpkin Troy Oliver
Andersson 3:09
11. "Let's Get Lost" (featuring Devon Baldwin)
Gillum Devon Baldwin Andersson Thomas Bangalter Edwin Birdsong Michael Dean Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo Kanye West
G-Eazy Andersson
12. "Shoot Me Down" (featuring Anthony Stewart)
Gillum Anthony Stewart Andersson
G-Eazy 3:17
13. "Been On"
Gillum Andersson
Andersson 3:29
14. "Remember You" (featuring blackbear)
Gillum Andersson Musto
Blackbear 3:36
15. "Tumblr Girls" (featuring Christoph Andersson)
Gillum Andersson
Andersson 4:16
16. "Just Believe"
Gillum Andersson Fabrice Dumont Stephan Haier Christophe Hetier Angela McCluskey
Andersson 4:03