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2021-05-14 12:50:38 (UTC)

Another fever dream while I ..

Another fever dream while I detox off kratom.

In my dream, someone told me that my younger sister had had feelings for my ex, and that's what drove us apart. I confronted her about it and she came clean, saying she was also taking a lot of pills she called "reds and blues" at the time, which made her emotionally unstable. I found it funny that she turned out to be bisexual.

I can't wait for detox to be over. The skin crawls and general yuckiness is getting a bit worse, and I might have to dose tomorrow to be with my family. But at the very least, I've had a tolerance break and been reminded it's not all that bad.

Although truth be told, having hash brownies and plenty of benzos does help things a lot.