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2021-05-14 12:29:43 (UTC)

Let the mischief commence!

Oh, it's so awesome watching my little kitty learn her hunting skills in the garden. Such a cutie-pie (((((hugs))))) Get it! My little tiger! Roaaar! Haha :)

So I am not one for ghosting people, and I don't feel the need to block people (unless unhinged) because I am a grown woman and prefer to be direct and don't hide from my decisions. If I am not interested in someone or do not want to communicate with a person any longer, I will tell them.

So I hadn't responded to Bumble last night with his counter-offer of coming to see me in the evening instead, until this morning. I was polite and told him I preferred not to take up his offer, and I was going out with a friend instead. I didn't feel it necessary to state reasons or point out his external issues, and so for me, that is the end of it.

So onwards I go, I bought the wallpaper paste earlier, so I'm going to wallpaper a room in my house over the weekend and then get cosy in the evening and see where the next steps take me. I've been overly tired the past week or so; some downtime will see me well while I am up to mischief, lol.

I am pretty excited about the days ahead. I am pleased with my decision regarding Bumble and also not giving it up to Ed; as much as I know him, and I would have hot sex, it would be only hot sex, and I have my moments where my lady bits scream at me to relieve with the touch of a man. But, still, I feel it better suits me to do that with a man that can share other moments with me, not just with our sex. I'm not one for quickies (unless it's further down the line in a relationship) I like long weekends. Those proper sexual encounters that invest time to create tensions, explore and enjoy one another.

Anyway's, I've more admirer's contacting me, so I shall see how that goes, let the mischief commence! Lol
Drama free this time!