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2021-05-13 22:48:28 (UTC)

Bumbling about....

That moment between when the bread goes stale, and you know until you hopscotch on your merry way to the shop and buy some more with your hair a swingin' and whistling out a skidrow tune, you aren't getting anything fresh!

Yup, that is now where I am regarding the delinquent way of the dating world. Ugh, it's so laborious with all their insecurities, hardons and complicated lives. I seriously feel like a female monk in that scene; I feel so clean!

Bumble held on and thought that offering to come to me at night to my house was suitable, disregarding the original plans in the daytime. Nope, I am not becoming your free ride while you deal with your shitstorm externally. I am not your soft comfort, mug or ring my bell whore. You may think by re-offering an alternative subtle gesture type of date (sex) is a way to please me, as you feel obliged to me now. Tell you what, put my shed together there you go. Obligation complete, then you can ride alone into the sunset on your Harley.

Two men called me tonight. The first was the 'classy' guy. PAH! That call lasted less than four minutes. Yes, thanks. I can bend over and touch my toes, dickhead. Smh. The next was the law guy, still a fab conversationalist, lovely guy, but I'd likely snap him, lol. Not happening.

Phil and I chatted twice, then the second time was to tell him in a heightened OMFG tone of the 'classy' fucknut, and he said, "Oh wow!" lol. he sent me a meme that said, "I don't fuck on the first date. I date after the first fuck." LOL

So like with any dry spell, I shall make it wet again and keep marching forward until a half-decent human wanders pass and surprises me and my lady bits with a wave of trepidation and intrigue. :)) I am back on the better dating app, but those men have high expectations - god, here we go again!

Ed is quite
Paul is quite
But they would be as things didn't go to plan for them :)

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