If I die today
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2021-05-13 09:08:15 (UTC)

no time for questions

So last night I had 2 cups of wine at my loves. I live there now his cups are probally like 12oz plastic things so ugh I drank I bit. WE went to bed around 10 I woke up a few times before getting outta bed after him around 730. I have a lot of placking to do still. I"m freakin out stressing. IDK if everything will fit in the storage unit or not. WE didnt get large boxes yesterday. I'm trying to make sence outta everything I have bc well beeing prepared wtil like 15packs of tissues n such is doing me no favors packing. The water is kinda heavy and bulky to RV life is much differnt than apartments. So anyhow after this I'm going to stretch and do some work packing. I'm not feeeling super hopeful timewise of getting in a run today . I need to do some laundry and so on. Im still trying to downsize. SO anyhow no time to finish my phscology question but one day I will. ITs all kinda overwhelming I'm feeling drainined and stressed and worried and so fourth I'm feeling everything OMG . Life kinda is hard and also IDK if he's impressed with me or not I love him so much but IDK I'm sorta diffrent but all I can do is try and love him. HE makes me feel special and wanted but still I want to blow his mind. I need to calal the denist today and make sure of the schedule for next week. WE should be getting large boxes tonight so lotsa work to do tommorw. nDea wantes to do his laundry today too its down to the wire has to be done Im not sure how I can helpe but I 'm gonna try. my head is spinning. so I guess this is it for right now

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