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I Hate Middle School
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2021-05-05 14:29:37 (UTC)

My Unfiltered, Uneducated Thoughts On my friends (and family) Vol1

Alright so before I start I just wanted to say that I made this entry for me so that I can look back on myself and laugh at how much I hated all my friends. I might do them in categories just to make it easier for myself. So if you don't know me IRL (which none of you should) then don't say anything. If you are one of the idiots I know in person I'd tell you to leave but I know you won't so just know that you're dead to me ^^ thanks!


Known sexuality - bi
My opinion - straight, just using gay to be CoOl although I wouldn't be surprised if she really was gay
Crush - Michael, Some random dude she saw out the window, Kiarra
My general thoughts on them: Kind of a bitch that's sure as hell obsessed with drama. She is my best friend though so she's really not that bad. She used to be a lot worse and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more annoying so I guess she's okay. She really seems to like the idea of having a crush and usually goes too far with it.

Known sexuality - bi
My opinion - bi
Crush - Kaitlyn, maybe Michael
My general thoughts on them: I don't think she really likes Kaitlyn, she just likes the idea of a crush. A bit obnoxious and I try not to talk to her anymore other than the occasional hi. I don't know why, since we've known each other since 3rd grade, but I'm okay with us drifting apart. She's flexible as hell and does like 9 types of dance at dance excel. Like Jesus what arent you accelerated at.

Known sexuality - straight
My Opinion - either completely straight or completely pan
Crush - Michael
My general thoughts on them: She was my best friend all throughout 5th grade but we kinda fell apart over the summer then, quickly fell apart
once she got her phone taken away and went online. She definitely has depression and bipolar disorder. She was always the odd one out and a bit unpredictable. Once she got super mad at me saying I wanted her to die of dehydration because someone gave me a frozen water bottle. I think she was also shrexually abused as a small child by a small child so she's messed up. I love her but she's emotionally unstable and if there's one thing I can't handle it's emotions. Especially someone elses. Plus I wouldn't be if much help to her anyways.



Known sexuality - straight... but constantly jokes about being gay -_- he also came out as gay then took it back as a joke but idk
My opinion - definitely at least bi if not gay
Crush - none
My general thoughts on them: I'm not exactly sure how close we are since we don't talk for like months at a time but when we do talk it still resembles two people who talk all the time. I think I'll try and talk to him after school now that I think about it. Sometimes at lunch, we have secretive food fights. Me, Avery, Kiarra, and Riley against Michael, Sam, and Anthony with Jacey somewhere in the middle. We slide apples, tater tots, and other foods behind is on the bleachers like air hockey but without the air and the hockey, just idiots sliding food around. I think Michaels closer with Avery now since they're on discord and I really don't want to let go of the good relationship we had but maybe I should just let it go. I'll keep trying till there's nothing left but when there is nothing left, you can't build a house without a foundation.

Known Sexuality - straight
My Opinion - straight
Crush - none that I know of
My general opinion of them: I was never really too close with him so I don't know much. He's in my PSR (stupid church class shit) class so I know he's religious. He's just a normal awkward 6th grader. Once the excel girls insisted I was flirting with him even though we were working a school project and talking about Roblox motorcycles. ROBLOX MOTORCYCLES! How the hell is that flirting? We laugh about it now but still, Avery, along with the rest of them, are idiots.

Known sexuality - bi
My opinion - bi, no straight kid has that many patches and/or Christmas hand sanitizer year-round on their bookbag
Crush - None that I know of but some people think he likes Michael as well as some kids jokingly ship him with Noah
My general thoughts on them: If I'm gonna be honest Vinny is the runt of the litter. He's friends with half the school and that entire half want to (playfully) beat him up. It was his birthday the other day and I gave him some birthday brain damage with my water bottle while Avery gave him a sprained ankle (once again not literally). I used to sit in the seat next to his at the end of 5th grade, it a long story why so maybe I'll write about it later. He makes some bootiful sound effects and has more girl friends than boys. He's a dork with a squeaky scream and a loooooot of time on his hands that is usually used to memorize the fitness gram pacer test or learn the Wii music on a ukelele. Once again he's a huge dork... And an asshole who doesn't do any work on group projects and now told me my hair is ugly. He's smart and funny but occasionally decides to be an asshole. -_-

Known sexuality - annoying
My opinion - super annoying
Crush - idk but they're probably annoying
My general thoughts on them: idk if you could tell but I don't like him. He just moved to an island in new york so I won't have to deal with him anymore. He called me stupid for not knowing multiplication and laughed and made a joke when the teacher's aunt (who was like a mom to her) died. He was an asshole and will not be missed by anyone in excel. His family's Chinese food restaurant makes good food though.





Grandma T:

Grandpa T:

Grandma Vickey:


Grandpa John:

Grandma Jan:


Known sexuality - she was never specific but she openly and loudly not straight
My opinion - Bi
Crush - I don't think she has one, she's like me and likes every other girl she sees and the occasional tv dude
My general thoughts on them: She's been my best friend since 2nd grade and we've never EVER had an argument. No joke we're exactly alike. We look completely different though other than like... hair color? We have the exact same taste in music, the same youtube recommendations, same opinions on stupid first-world problems (like LGBTQ and BLM stuff). On the other hand, she is most definitely emotionally unstable. She's OCD and has social anxiety. If anything goes wrong she curls up into a ball and cries leaving me to handle it. Other than that I love her <3






Known sexuality - straight
My opinion - bi, his nails are too on fleeeeeeeek as well as randomly wearing onesies to school
Crush - none that I know of
My general thoughts: He's a little too extroverted for my taste but either way he's really nice and funny and just generally a good person I guess. I used to sit next to him in orchestra and once he came into class with bruised knuckles, I was wondering what happened and he told me he punched some kid in the face as well as the wall after he kicked him in the nuts. Around a week later he got suspended and honestly, I feel kinda bad. We were talking about a book we were reading called Ghost in class when the teacher asked if we could relate to the main character in any way. He spoke up and said how his dad would get super drunk just like Ghost's father in the story. Mind you, in the story Ghost's dad gets arrested for shooting at him and his mom cause they fought back. Idk why but I seemed to be the ONLY ONE concerned about this kid! The teacher agreed and said how her dad was a recovered alcoholic and all that. I was like Jesus why is this so casual? Whatever he also almost always loses his voice so bad that he can barely talk. Like its BAD to the point where most people look at him like "omg are you okay" whenever he talks. Whether there's a good reason or not I feel bad for the kid and although im just a kid imma keep an eye on him just to make sure he's alright UuU.