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2021-05-13 12:24:51 (UTC)

Buzz off :)

So I have decided I am not going to go on a second date with Bumble. He brings no value to my life, only his problems. If I wanted to be a therapist and dampen my libido by say, I don't know, a hundredfold. I would have gone ahead and become those already. I do not.

"A drowning man will pull you down with him." So I choose not to be around a man who doesn't aspire for similar goals as me or at least can find ways out of the pool of turmoil he finds himself in. And in truth, an intelligent man would not find himself in those situations to begin with. We are not suited. He isn't an inspiration to me.

The mindset is everything to your way of life and what will be and not be. I am not prepared to lead the way for another person's choices. I have my own to direct. At first, I thought he took accountability for his actions, but I can see now, he does not. You are responsible for your successes. If you cannot see your value, you cannot see the goals or take accountability and responsibility for your failures and successes. Failure is the most significant factor in life to learn by. It is our building blocks to where we want to be. Bumble cannot take accountability in his life for his external issues, so he certainly will have no place in my world. I am not entertaining any of it. So the decision is made.

Also, I have not given Ed the opportunity today. Investment promotes growth. Without it, there is nothing. He may be a lurking fwb, but I am not an easy lay because I have tolerance and resilience to control my urges and who I have sex with regardless of my constant nagging from my lady bits; there will always need to be an investment in me before I give what he has been craving, and if you show me your level of investment is weak, I'm already over it.

I have been chatting to other men on the dating app. Yet, the guy who works in Law in London that I mentioned before from a former entry is still intriguing me. There is also another who is classy. He is already on my WhatsApp and says he wants to call me today and already asked me if I would go out on a date with him when we are both free. So neither men have any mucky things lurking in the background. So I shall see.

The pub garden me, and Vicky was in last night was a good choice, her brother suggested we go there. We had a great time chit-chatting, and we'll be doing it more as well as doing the hiking together. She told me she has only been with her guy for four months and met him on a dating app. So we had a good laugh about dating wronguns, lol.

I'm feeling pretty spaced out today after the vaccine, but I am still working and earning my millions, lol. I wonder how Bumble is going to take the news. Oh, well, not my problem.