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2021-05-11 13:40:05 (UTC)

First PapSmear

I have my first PapSmear this morning. I'm kind of nervous just thinking about it but my mother had it and she said it shouldn't be that painful but it might be uncomfortable for your first time. I even looked it up to see how it looked and everything ( which I shouldn't have done it because it kind of got me nerves up a little bit but I'm just ready to get it over with ) .

11:05 PM

I did it. My first PapSmear is done and is overwith. I felt highly uncomfortable. The tool that they were using felt like one of those toys in those sex shops at that sex toy store that my mom went to to get her a toy a long time ago. I had to get completely naked. Well,I left my bra on they just checked to see if,I had any lumps or anything.

It was highly uncomfortable like Google said when I searched it but I'm glad I got it over with and yes I told them I wanted the pills instead of the shots because I heard if you get the shots apparently it makes you look humongous. And I was not up for that and I already looked big enough for my weight than I'm already am trying to lose my weight and trying to go back to what I had in the pictures of my weight that I had a long time ago.

And now I just sit here and wait for my birth control pills and possibly for my results if,it comes back that fast. I should ask them that question when the doctor comes back in here. They told me my old pressure was high but it may have to do something with my weight.

Now, if this isn't the sign that I really need to exercise I don't know what is because I don't want to have problems with my weight that deals with my blood pressure problems. I mean I don't want my blood pressure has to do anything with my weight.

They gave me some birth control pills finally and some condoms. But I won't be able to start it until, Sunday because today is Tuesday. And they gave me the website of where I can keep track of my results so hopefully everything will be in good hands. I know everything will be in good hands.

- A

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