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2021-05-11 00:31:01 (UTC)

Shit fit

It's been rough at home. Steve has always had a difficult personality but he's been so damn irritable lately. And to make things worse he's developed this real persecution complex where he sees himself as the victim and therefore perfectly within his rights to throw tantrums. So if he gets argumentative and I respond by getting angry, he acts like I'm abusing him when he actually instigated the argument and raised his voice first. There is no reasoning with him and its so exhausting. If it wasn't for his cancer diagnosis I would break up with him. But I won't because now if I do, I'll feel guilty when he inevitably dies alone. It just sucks.

So I'm just trying to weather the storms and stay spiritually grounded. My meditation and yoga practice are going well. Been chanting every morning and practicing my inversions after work. So I guess thats the bright spot in my world but feeling a little drained. Hopefully he'll be calmer tonight.

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