If I die today
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2021-05-12 05:51:58 (UTC)

summary of thoughts

I probaly wont have time for the final question today either bc well I seem to write a lot of something or maybe its nothing but this is life in a readable format but the last question is something like what would you do if you had one yeart to live. so no news on the new job prospect for love but sounded like he had a good interview. I'm here at his place. Did another sleep over He;s still wakin up. WE went to bed close to 10 I cant help myself by I was up the dog figured that out then he got antsy so whatever I couldnt see layin there wakin up nDea so Went to the couch. I Foods been good. IDK I"m on a weird thing right now with mornings adapting in such so the whole beats thing is out for right now likely in my place. Nothing intersting now my man wakes up . H;es sweet and great takes good care of me . Quite loveley to wake up too. The adjustment is kinda going hard and my freakin quirks are kickin in IDK if its bc I'm autistic or what but have some like moments I just wanna like shut down like cooking thogether was overwhelming its a tight space and also I'm so unfilmair with the cookware. I'm just very aware of my quirks. I dont know how to handle them all. I need to work on getting a storage unit my brains not having all the detials fit together. so IDK how well things are going to golong term bc man I'm a nut I do have like meltdowns like you see a 4year old people think its a tamturum but IDK I think its an autistic thing do you think love can handle that I feel like I cant control everything when I get overwhekemed and adjustment is hard. I want to run today so trying to get myself on a schedule PRobaly stay in my place so I can try to get something productive done between today and tommrow FRiday I know I'm wanting a sleeep over but who knows. I'm overwhelmed. Im in love but its all weird then theres the family complex from my stance I still dont see any point in me being exposed to eCarri wll I think she's not something I need in my life and he can do whatever he wants to make himself feel good and try to nuture he needs but um yeah I dont see her as anyone worth investing my time i n but not like I"m putting my time to good use anyway. GOt a text from yLindsey my girl lol at like 5am om that to early for my man thankfully I dont sleep with my phone anymore she just verified I dont need a ride on Wendsdays anymore. Not sure where shes going with that train of thougt but its sweet. Now she can do whatever she does or needs with her time. I should find out whens her birthday and get her something I need to nutrure my friendships better but I'm overwhelmed with doing whatever it si I'm doing to try to sruvive and move then theres the whole thing whos gonna support me with another *facepalm* another man in my life . Men Man I'm awful with em but theres some diffrent points this one proves himself more and more. I should attend to him thou but this thought will catch up later. I mean he's accoupied himself but meh I feel like love is important to wake up too so I should snuggle him up good. not in a sex way thou.

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