Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-05-12 09:20:00 (UTC)

What is set in your mind, manifests

I am sexually charged always. Even generalized conversations that are utterly standard and my mind is wandering and thinking up sexy thoughts, depraved thoughts. I'm not dangerous, as I don't initiate all that seeps through my mind. Geezus! If I did....woah! Lol. Point is, the reason my entire life has always magnetized sexual encounters on a daily basis is that my thoughts are, I am. It's like with anything, if it is part of your everyday thinking it manifests around you into your reality. So I can never complain of the consistent approaches of men because, in the essence of it, I am creating it. The problem with that is, I cannot adjust that because in myself I am naturally a highly sexualized woman and my body's calling for pleasure, sensuality and intimacy oozes and I do enjoy it, I embrace it and rather than stifle it, I choose to explore it.

Me: Morning, Boss.
Boss: Morning, morning! You!
Me: It's short notice, but I am booking off this afternoon
Boss: Oh? Anything wrong?
Me: No, I didn't sleep well last night, and I have the second jab today. Just jot it down as a half-day holiday.
Boss: Not sleeping well, oh yeah!?
Me: Hilarious, not like that, haha.
Boss: You know you might be alright this time around. It affects people differently from the first time to the next vaccine.
Me: Possibly, if that's the case, I'll let you know
Boss: I've got my second vaccine today, too, after I've dropped my kids off at school.
Me: Ah, okay. I'm just hoping I'm not monged out like last time. I'm out tonight down the pub as well.
Boss: Well, hopefully, I'm not spaced out too. If we are, we can both mong out together, sound good?
Me: Ah, one of my clients is calling. I'll have to call him back in a sec but also I'm booking off Monday too.
Boss: Anything fun happening?
Me: No, my shed is coming
Boss: Haha, things we have to do at our age, huh. Book a day off for the shed coming.
Me: I know right, it's because it an all-day thing and my carpenter friend is building it for me, and in all honesty, I won't be able to concentrate on work watching him do that, haha!
Boss: Ohhh! Like that is it.
Me: Yep.
Boss: Okay, no problem.
Me: Alright, I need to get going now.
Boss: Alright then, let me know if you get mongy, haha.
Me: No worries.

Ughhh....such a chancer.

I realise Bumbles joke text last night about anal was indeed quite a funny joke. But, clearly, my mindset around him right now isn't the most enthusiastic, and I guess that caused me to not see the lightness in his comical gesture of making contact with me.

He messaged me more after I finished my late-night entry here. I was so tired, and after he texts me, he called me and stayed on the phone until nearly 1 am. I was dead in the water and really couldn't be arsed, he was talking about his problems aaaaagain. Then he told me he has an appointment with my solicitor today and thanked me for my support. I'm kind of not supporting you Bumble, just gave you my solicitor's number, who will earn from you, and it's my way of saying thank you to him for the fantastic work he has done for me previously. The firm is outstanding.

Anyway, I got the morning message off him today and from the cloned Ed guy and law guy. I need to fit in a nap at some point this afternoon, no idea when as I still have things to do despite having the afternoon off the day job.

I am seriously sexually frustrated right now, and masturbation isn't cutting it. I need full-on sex with all the bells and whistles, hours of it. I hope my tensions don't play havoc with my imagination tonight when I am out with Vicky. I am partial to women also but very picky who I play with. She has to be feminine, but bulshy and sexually charged, and definitely not butch, lol. Vicky has similar looks to the actress Bryce Dallas Howard. She played the mother in Elton John's film, and Vicky has the same facial features and freckles with dark hair as Bryce in the movie. She is full of life, hence, why we get on well.

Best walk up the lane to the doctors for this jab.