If I die today
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2021-05-11 14:32:30 (UTC)

day n night with love

I"m back an nDea's after going home this morning at worktime. WE can back here before his interview for a new job potentially . He;s on his thing I'm here with the dog. I'm braking out a little I think it may be the new vitimains. I had a felxerial last night I think we slept around 10 and eagerly at around 7 this mornign we were awake and morning woodchopping wlthou I forgot to warn him I'm pretty mutch mush jelly with the flexeril. Today's run was pathic and shorten bc i was on a schedule and secondaly I just have no endurance. The diet is variying since well i'm between 2 places and also consider my love in meals where its appropiate. The weather great should have nice running days till Friday wehn the wind picks up so Fridy Ill start cracking down on packing with that time. I did one stretch this morning when I got home ut it wasnt guided just on my own I put mom on speakerphone and was stretching while we talked I think i must have gotten in 15min or so. I"m overwhelmed packing and I dont know what to do about storage and blah blah blah my brain is spinning about the move and stuff. The check is here for the denist so depending on how this interview goes and if my transportain schecule changes with nDea I might try to bump up the appointments and knock this out. the tooth is annoying. I'm bloated and or chunky lately. never did burn off more moles yesterday bc I couldnt find the paperclips I use . Anyhow thats the gross side. Otherwise IDK whats on my mind the world is weird wacked out place. I'm not sure what to make of it. so moving on to a question but not now. G2g tomor is the last question on finding purpose/

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