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2021-05-11 21:56:23 (UTC)

Three Little Masochist's Sitting in a Tree.....K-I-S-S-ING Me....

Oh, I couldn't resist toying with this fruitloop. Yep, there are some weird and wacky demented peeps on those dating apps. I find it somewhat more entertaining when they find me, and it's nice to surprise them when I go into weirdo mode and weird them out more than their weirdness. LMAO....tickles me pink it does :D Sold him the dream, LOL...

So check this out: I screenshot the convo.

Masochist: Natural open love? I am a strong, secure and independent man looking for one woman. I don't mind if you enjoy another man occasionally for fun, but I am always loyal, serious and humorous. I just want to spoil you.

Me: Natural open love? While a beautiful man with a bigger dick than yours takes me all night, and you're sitting in the corner patiently ready to clean me?

Masochist: Hmm, I find that slightly arousing. But not too hurtful. Within reason and what we would both enjoy. Mostly, I don't mind a woman enjoying herself while I provide all your needs. May I spoil you?

Me: You're masochistic. Go on....tell me more.

Masochist: Yes, I am masochistic. Primarily, I want to find a relationship—something long term. As you know, I am very loyal and only need one woman. To pursue a regular relationship where we do things together, and I please you however you see fit. I want to enjoy your company without being possessive. I just like being mocked that you've had better penises. Mine is average. So far, I have decided I want you to allow me to spoil you, please.

Me: It's lovely you're open about what you want. Now, I will have to think about this because, in truth, why would I want a penis that isn't as good as I have already had? Hmm?

Masochist: My penis is now a red erection. I like how you had to think about it and left me to chat with other men. Please, come back.

Masochist: You haven't come back yet. I will wait until you decide.

Masochist: You're not coming back, are you?

Masochist: I think you have left me. It was nice meeting you.

Masochist: You understand me. No one else has here. I'm still going to wait for you to decide.

Masochist: I need to go now. I'm not happy.

Masochist: I've come back to spoil you. Are you there?

LMFAO!!!! The saga continues. I could do with a cleaner. Anyway, that tickled me. I also had a 30-year-old guy who was very attractive but ultra insecure and a lighter version of Mr Masochist. It would seem I am attracting the aware and non-aware masochistic guys lately, including Bumble, who doesn't know he is yet, but he is, especially the moment I learned one of his kinks. Even I wouldn't do that to a guy, but that man likes pain, and he I did say I wouldn't mind trying it just because I never have before. It's all about him, not me, no pain on me even though I like pain.

Yeah, that 30 year old started his message by complimenting me and then ended it with, "You don't have to reply back. I know I am at the bottom of your list." I thought, what an oddball. So I replied, "Thanks, oops, I replied. I'm going to log off now." he replies straight away, "No, don't go. I'm sorry, I didn't want to upset you, but I understand I am the most unlikely man you would want to talk to. There will be lots of men before me." I thought, oh fgs, not another one! LOL

I didn't respond with much, just a few words, not even sentences. Yet, he kept going on about other men, another insecure man. He said he knew he was only 30 and I won't be interested in him. He is right. I'm not, lol.

Anyway, I also met another Ed type on there. He's married, kids, turned mates with wife, not leaving, wants sex with a and I quote, "Looking for an Intelligent, sexy and funny woman." We had a bit of banter; he lives not far from me, but I've already got Ed for random sex if I want it and I trust and known Ed for years, and he is uber-sexy and patient, lol. Anyway, the guy gave me his number, told me to add him to Whatsapp. I haven't.

Another guy who works in Law in the city (London) was appealing to talk to, we had a good chat, and he wasn't sex-charged either. He was interested in lots about me and came across as mature and sensual. Anyway, I told him I was logging off, and he said he found me electric and appealing. Haha, thanks, buddy. Until tomorrow ;)

Bumble went fkn mental weird on me. Omg, it was so random and made my face screw up into a weird shape. I am a bit concerned about him now. I had noticed before our date the build-up to it; whenever I would go on Whatsapp to message or answer a message from friends or him, he would immediately come online straight after I did, and this happened many, many times. Then, of course, he was obsessively texting me all day and all night long, too that it stifled me. He reminded me of a submissive male during our date, and my seduction caused him to blush numerous times, which put me off and with all I learned about Bumble, I think he is masochistic and also submissive.

I have not shown any emotion towards him regarding being annoyed at him, or affectionate or anything like that, and I think he is having trouble gauging me. He also has become quite depressed in the days past since our date, and he has said it to do with his son, but after today and tonight and piecing things together, I believe it is because he needs reassurance and clarification on whether I want more from him.

So, after this afternoon, when he sent me a photo of him at the gym, and I responded by sending him a photo of me working (but not working, lol), he brightened up. I made a light sexual innuendo, and he shied away from it, and I thought, "Hmm", so I reverted to a straight forward, "As you were, I'm off." To gauge his reaction, instantly, he came back to me. He does this a lot when I'm hard towards him. So I decided, right! He can go without my attention. So I did a run, showered, cooked, played with the cat, finished one design and settled into the dating apps for a chinwag.

By just gone eight pm-ish, he texts me random weird text unrelated to no conversation we've ever had before. He said, "Anal is so overrated. It's fucking shit." I looked at the message and thought, what!? Well, one if that's the way he thinks, I need anal in my life so big UNTICK, lol. And two, that's a random fked up way to say hi.

As soon as I saw it, he went offline. Hmm, I thought, Okaaaaaay then. I ignored it, responded with nothing and went back to the dating apps. A few minutes later, he texts again, "So, how was your day?" I wait half an hour or so and respond, "What was that comment all about?" he replies, "Oh, it's a joke. A mate sent it to me." Bumble, if you think I believe that bullshit, you're mistaken. He was trying to get my attention. I reply, "So a friend of yours texts you that message, and you then rewrite that text to me, with no added comment to it?" he replies, "Sorry, I'm tired. I did a hard workout in the gym, then a ten-mile bike ride." I replied, "Night, then."

A short while later, he sparks up the conversation again. I have given him my solicitor's number to help him with his external muddy stuff going on, and he just went on about that. So I made my excuses to go and went back to the fun on the dating app, lol.

However! I am intrigued to explore his masochism, LOL.....So, I am still going to see him this weekend.