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2021-05-11 15:34:51 (UTC)

Sexy Slits

Don't worry, Mr B. I'm alright *wink* I'm using what you taught me (which was the hard way!) to gauge when I interact with these men. So I'm safe, not sure if they are, lol. No, I am joking....a little bit.

Anyhoo, the little (big) squishy bumblebee has been working out in the gym every day since our date! Previously, he was only doing twice a week. He used to be a mega muscle head, but his motorbike accident messed his shoulder up, and he had steel plates or something in there. So during his three months of recovery (ages ago), and since then, he bulked down, but he is still bigger and toned than most guys. He is like a big friendly giant lololol. Anyway's he is humble and doesn't think much of himself; he was honest, saying he bulked up because of insecurities. Uggghhhh :/ Anyway, I sent him a photo of me that I took today, pretending I was working, I was, but sort of wasn't (distracted, lol) then my vag said timeout, and we rocked n rolled a little :)) Bumble commented to my photo, "Mmm, Heeellloooo!" I thought, yeah, ave that in yer pipe and smoke it. LMAO.

Ed sent me a message, "You know I'm feeling absolutely fine after this vaccine." he was hinting to come say hello to my lady bits, lol. So I sent him a pic and said, "Mhm, I'm feeling good too" he replied, "Very nice." Lol. We always tease each other; we're planning on Thursday to see each other. He has the most beautiful cock.

Dating sites are going alright, plenty of sweeties to choose from, lol, but I am not caught yet. I'll most likely get bored of it soon enough, but I am the type of woman who never walks away without something from my time invested. So I shall see.

I bought a fitted dress that comes down to my knees and has side slits on either side of the dress with a belt around my waist. It delivered today, and I tried it on, and it looked uber nice! My bum looked terrific in it, and the side slits are not slutty high but sexy high. I only need some heels with that little beaut, and I'm ready to go. :))

I really need to get these designs done, and I should really offer a phone call with Bumble tonight. But, first, I need to expel this energy on a run.

Oh, I forgot to mention! Ed keeps saying things like "Good girl" to me......if he thinks for one minute, I will be his long term fwb subby type of thang; he has another thing coming. He LOVES it when I meet other guys, and he feels he has this connection with me of a good friendship slash understanding. No, no, no, Eddie. I am my own woman, and when Mr Sexy Rare finds me, I'm hoping on him every day :))