This Is It - 2021
2021-05-10 00:00:00 (UTC)

Testing My Patience


I had to take my sister to do some school stuff today and I've decided I hate this standardized testing even more than I did my own. At least then I wasn't driving off to a school with nothing to do for a couple hours. I bounced around through quite a few Walgreens today looking for any Squishmallows, because I thought they restocked on Mondays, but only two had ANY when I went, and those two had VERY limited selection (by which I mean one of the stores literally only had two Buzz Lightyears left). It was weird. And I felt really weird walking into stores, looking around a bit, and then walking out without buying anything, but I couldn't buy something at EVERY store I went to! That'd be wild.

I think I have a plan for entertainment on the next testing day - It should be a roaring success. Just a downright hoot ;3 (Assuming things still work the way I think they used to, of course)

I did have to wake up early (for me, I guess) to get there early enough, so now it is time to Sleep That Off