Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-05-10 21:54:09 (UTC)

Hip Action Ahoy!

Life is one big head game.

I'm bronzed and smooth with the possibility of spontaneously surprising Ed tomorrow. See, I told him earlier, "It's unlikely we'll meet tomorrow now; how about Thursday instead?" See, I don't want to make it predictable either easy for him. He has a work meeting on Thursday; I want him to rearrange it in advance to see me. Lol. But then I may well text him tomorrow....."I'm in black lace; the door is unlocked."

Ed has let me know he has been fantasising about relishing his tongue between my thighs and bottom. Saucy, Ed :))

Bumble is holding on; he has very low self-esteem and says he thinks I'm sexy. He has been beaten down and used so much by women in the past that he doesn't even see himself as valuable anymore. The man is a masculine sexy, as fuck machine, and yet, his soul is young, a character without a known individuality. He doesn't think he is sexy. He's a lost man right now. Bumble still wants to see me this weekend.

I am an utter cunt most of the time, taking no prisoners. Yet, to the ones I love, admire and respect who have invested in me as I have in them. I am a loving fire.

I'll make it easier on Bumble; he is damaged. He held into me without knowing his own mind today. He is lost in thought, thinking he might never see his son again. There are no emotional attachments with the mother, he holds no love there, but he needs his son.

Phil is a photographer by hobby. He took my WhatsApp profile pic and added more colour and fuck! I look so feisty! Phil and I chatted on the phone again; we are and always have only been friends for a few years now. I love hearing his perspective from a male viewpoint.

I rejoined two dating apps, had messages, but I didn't respond to any. Didn't fancy them. So far, lol. I put I was only looking to date....oopsy lol...asking for trouble!

I signed up to a belly dancing studio group of women hehe in my local area. I'm waiting for the lead dancer to call me back. It's every Tuesday night between 8-9 pm. I'm excited; I've always found belly dancing to be sensual and seductive. I want to learn it. They do live shows, know me, I'll likely aim to be in one of those, lol. They're only small affairs. It's all just for fun, and that hip action can't go wrong in the sheets either!