my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-05-10 21:00:50 (UTC)

i fasted again

I woke up late today, because I fasted. So, I didn't have breakfast and other meals except dinner. I had lots of time to do jobs in my to-do list which is in my mind.

Firstly, I studied maths. I finished 71% of my term paper. Solving lots of geometry questions were tiring for me because I also drew the pictures. Then, I started to do my German term paper and I finished 20% of it.

In the evening, I joined a meting with volntary work friends. Actually there as just a boy except me in our city. And there was a girl from a different city. We were 3 people, and the boy and that girl had been friends for a long time. That was interesting. Anyway, the girl wasn't speakig good. She said lots of English words instead of preferring their sayings in her native language. Then, I learned that she was corona. But she wasn't looking so tired. She was able to speak and organise a meeting.

I ate dinner after this meeting. My gandmother called me at night. Yes, she returned her home today. She was crying on the phone because of my uncle. I can't understand my uncle sometimes. I think he and his family don't know how to speak with sensitive old people.

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