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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-05-10 14:06:05 (UTC)

Busy weekend❤️

Listening to: Perfect - My Darkest Days (A personal favorite)
"Some women fear the fire, some women simply become it"

Was a good weekend, another busy one for the books but good nonetheless lol. I like being busy. I know I am not writing about daily events butt it's all been good. A good busy haha. I heard a rumor that our province is going to extend the lockdown, lordy. We have been in some sort of lockdown for the last year and then some. I question what the new normal will look like. Will it resemble anything like we use to know? I have faith it will.. We just need to hang on a little longer.

Yesterday was Mother's Day, I had a great day❤️I was spoiled. I have also gifted some new crystals by my best friend E. He bought them from a place in Toronto and they shipped them to him. Genuine cut crystals. I love them. I have been wanting more specific ones. They are charging in the sun today. He's such a good friend. I would have been lost without him this past month.

I have been having the strangest dreams and visions lately. Some spirits, some just spiritual dreams. It seems to be playing with my Tarot and digging deeper into my abilities are awaking something. I am also seeing far more activity in my peripheral vision, mostly at night. I have also had a sense of something, a connection trying to get through and I am trying to figure out where it's coming from. Someone asked me what a sense is. Basically, for me, it's what I always called a download, a thought or feeling of something or someone. I can sense intentions, feelings, thoughts, or perhaps something about to happen. Sometimes it comes as a thought or sometimes it's a physical feeling. It can also come as images in my mind. It sounds odd but it's something I have been blessed with through many generations in my family. As far as the visions of spirits, I had someone ask me if it's just my house or it's me. It's me. I have had spirits around me since I was a little girl. I have had one of a female as far back as I can remember. She is what's known as a "Free Spirit". As far as spirits go, there are two types. "Trapped Spirits" & "Free Spirits". Trapped spirits usually need help moving on, some just want to stay right where they are and may not be convinced to move on. They usually stay for a purpose like unfinished business, saying goodbye, helping a loved one. Unlike trapped spirits, free spirits have already moved on but come back to this world for a particular reason. Trapped spirits are the most common type of haunting, and is considered an “intelligent” spirit because the spirit is aware of its surrounding, aware of you and will try to contact the living for many reasons like helping a loved one and letting them know they are ok so they can let go, passing messages, they attend celebrations like weddings, births etc. they are also known to help trapped spirits. Some come to help loved ones pass. The woman I see is here just because she wants to be. She gives a very comforting feeling when I sense her. I do believe we had some sort of bond in another lifetime. There are also Guardian Angels, that's a whole different topic lol, I can write on it if anyone wishes to know. I have rambled enough haha, my point is... It seems all this digging into them is making them more noticeable and more active which I do enjoy. It does scare some people in my life lol. My daughter told me to keep them in my room haha. Although she's gifted too, she's just learning how to embrace them. This may all sound weird or you may not be a believer of this type of thing but it's part of me and who I am :)

Well, I am off

Have a wonderful day!❤️

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