If I die today
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2021-05-10 05:30:02 (UTC)

what do ya say?

So this weekend my writing was lax.. Its chatioc adjustment to being with the bf. I think once the move happens and we get his work schedule weather this job or a new pursuit I can figure out some sorta routine. I feel like he has to be the priorty in the morning s I would like to get his days off to great starts and tyr to get him healthy and happy and let him have his best days. I want to do what I can to love him. Now at home I wanted to wake up early bc I want to run today and Im a mess on laundery in home ugh. My drying rack broke one of them since I fell in it and it wasnt worth the repair just cause I'm movin and it takes space so I'm down to one drying place plus I was still recovering from the wine yesterday and besides laundry I want to run so at 9 last night I took 3mg quick relase melation then I took 2 more of the 3mg around 20 and 30min later . I woke up just shy of 430. I'm stretched and had some coffee still workin on that . Have food and d3 so in a min Itll be another snack and getting in the first xrshielf and multi. I am focused on the kitched today for cleaning and packing. WE will see what can get done. I think I'll do around 45min . And yeah I'm gonna see whats up with the red moles and burn off new or maybe old that is still there but the moles on my abs and stuff did heal up so the ones I've burned off are healed and gone. Going to the post office today to see if the check is there from my parent s to pay the denist . My loan from them at 50 a month. I should consider calling spectrum and changing the tv and saying I didnt want it Imy adjustments came in the email and yeah it doesnt look like no free trail . Even if i was 19.99 I think I'll be fine without it It;s quite a bit of problems. I was just thinking last night or maybe this mornign well the whole birth control thing and the wickedness that is causing a lack of reproduction so I'm like well it must take a lot of work for the body to be steralised bc they whowever they is sure works hard to make sure we dont. How resislent is that our bodies have agood fight but anyhow today on fullerton informer 2 catching up just now he was talking about steralisation in schools and wifi effecting the childrents reproduction. Not to much killing me personally today. The quesions of today for purpose is :
How do I help others transform?
Personally I'm really focused on knowledge is power and I'm thinking well that comes with responbility but when I have knowledge and a willing person who desires I think sharing knowledge helps empower others. Also just speaking good words and truth and avoiding word curses. I dont know much else about how I'm helping others transform other than what I say or do don't say. perhaps providing nourishment but realistically I very rarely even make a coffee for anyone usually food sources are all crap when with others. so I'm sticking with what I say is how I'm helping others transform.