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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-05-10 12:07:26 (UTC)

Blaaaaaaaah, move out the way!

Geezus, the men in this world are messed up. They complain and whine more than ladies unless the men want sex, then it's all straight forward bish bash bosh. Smh.

Bumble is more depressing than watching that Chinese guy fuck a chicken (courtesy video from a past friend). That still disturbs me today *shivers* Bumble changed his WhatsApp photo to something moody and depressing related to the mucky shit he has going on externally.....I rolled my eyes and thought it's time to run away! I said, "Having a shit day again?" he replies, "Yes, again. I miss my son."

Arrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I'm refusing to go into the therapist role once again, erm, a hot sultry, brainy stable woman here!! hellloooo! So you see, I do need to run, and the fact, he hadn't once said, "So how's your day going?". Made my mind up for me. I don't want to be swimming in your shit pal, nope, nada, sayonara. So I sent him a message, "You've got a lot on your plate; you're not ready to invest energy in a woman as well. Your energy is dominated with the ex, your son and all the stuff going on there. For example; My day is going alright, but you've not asked that. So it's alright, you do what you need to, and I'll do me." Not had a response yet; I hadn't sent it long ago, though.

Ed sent me some porn of two guy's dominating a woman. I was bored with it. Been there done that crap, it doesn't do it for me anymore, womanizing a woman to make her lesser than you. Buddy, you need to grow bigger balls so I can flick em out the door. Smh...Ed thought the pron was fun, though, and now I am put off with giving him a hard fuck.

Ed, you div.

Paul sent some messages.......boring.

Vicky is booking a table indoors for us Wednesday night at the pub.

A stranger who contacted me on my work phone months ago contacted me again last week. But we text today, and I diverted him to my personal number rather than my work phone. He says he is a married guy who sells stationery, but I don't know who the fck it is. Obviously, a wind-up and I don't care either. So we're just chatting because I chat to most people unless they are moody, depressing and miserable all the time.

I want to go back on the dating site. I think I might later. Set me up a new date, someone who isn't swimming in shit and full of shit. A tall order, I know!!

I'm going to do a hardcore run later, hot shower and re-bronze my bod, then check out the dating site. Still undecided about giving Ed my sex tomorrow. I might move it to Thursday after all. I've got my second pfizer jab on Wednesday. I hope I'm not a zombie down the pub with Vicky.

I had the most tedious, boring work video conference call this morning....I need some excitement.

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