taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2021-05-09 20:00:45 (UTC)

I'm voice typing this entry

i don't feel at all like writing, but

i was watching the penultimate episode of mr robot for the first time ever in life. in the episode (🚨) elliot finds himself waking up in like a parallel dimension (?) -could whiterose's machine actually have worked?! i don't know yet, still have the finalé in the queue. BUT fascinatingly, elliot at one point finds alter-mr. robot computer repair shop with alter-elliot's dad taking a call in the back room. but his dad's personal phone is out on the front counter. so naturally he checks the phone ...and the date is may 9th! today's date! and on the phone!!

that shit is unreal to me. of all the dates. in a random universe .. i could have decided to call my mom instead, watch that episode tomorrow. but here we are. as if this season needed to be anymore satisfying.

didn't end up voice typing this, btw.