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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-05-09 23:27:42 (UTC)

Vaggiebumsex date

Napped for four hours this afternoon with the French doors open and the kitten hunting in the grass. I've purposefully not cut it for a few weeks so she can practice her hunting. It's all bugs and insects for now, but she's learning. She visited the neighbour the other day and got stuck in their garden, lol, misjudging the height to jump back home.

Bumble's been texting. I think he is concerned about whether I like him if he made a good impression. He sent me a video of his afternoon out on his Harley; he met up with some bikers, and his friend did a video; bumble waved on it, lol, his bike was HOT and so was Bumble.

Ed arranged to see me Tuesday daytime to relieve me, lol. He has the vaccine Monday, so I said later in the week then as he might feel weird like most do after having it. He reckons he'll be fine. I'm not so sure. I said Thursday. He has a meeting but said he wants to try and rearrange the appointment. He said, "Let's keep our ears open" I replied, "Yeah, possibly". He sent me a kiss emoji.

Phil and I hung out for a couple of hours on the phone; he was driving in his truck and telling me more about parts of America. He is on a truck full load (lol) run to Virginia via New York. He's going to pick up his dog on the way through.

Phil told me he thinks my libido might be even higher now because I had the pfizer vaccine, and pfizer are the makers of viagra...LMFAO. Shut yer face, Phil.

Oh, I said to Bumble, " So was you serious about a second date?" He replied, "I do want to see you again, yes *big smiley face*." I sent a smiley emoji back.

He sent me some funny memes today, too. I'm pretty indifferent. Not gagging to jump his bones, but who knows, the fire may well be simmering, and he may surprise me. So far, he comes across as someone with decorum, a gent. Unlikely, id ever get a rock fuelled video like the ones Ed sends me, but then Ed is all about the sex. Bumble isn't but Bumble has some kinks I've never come across before with a man, that id like to explore IF a sexual chemistry gets stronger. He's kinks are pretty waaaay out there so I won't do them unless things get hotter between us.