If I die today
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2021-05-09 12:37:17 (UTC)

its all relative

Todays mothers day so I'm skipping my whole phsycology quest questions for today. Anyhow we went to bed here at nDea's at around 4a after a night of drinking wine in with his sister visiting. His sister seems to have accepeted me. She's a character IDK what to make of her but I have nothing against her and am not repulsed I'm happy with her as a potential family memeber. Okay anyhow so I had wine, smoked yesterday for the tooth. Been awake since probaly about 10 on and off snuggling up. I ate once a banna then reheated some dinner from yesterday probally like an hour ago so thats that. I was super gassy loud last night mainly I think from corn we had corn in our dinner then corn torillas with the dish and then I've been snacking on corn chips all evening and night. so theres that. Coffee here still taste sour I though t it was due to too weak but idk nDea might be right maybe its too strong bc I made it stronger today and still sour ugh. IDK . There whole eCarri situation is redicoilus but he has to decide his bounderies on that and do what he needs to do . I" still remain in my thinking that I d o not need her in my life or to be involved so thats that. Anyhow nKathlee text me this morning just being friendly which was sweet, aJessic texted me last night just to say how are ya. so I'm guess good with tht I have some people who care. I'm frustrated and overwhelmed bc we talked yesterday at like 3to4a after we've been drinking but whatever I'm still overwhelmed about trying to make sure eLauri in the leasing off is going to give me junes rent back. I never got that in wrtiting. I have a 500$deposit on there as well so I mean the deposit should cover the cleaning and such right? bc I dont know what I'm doing I guess I'm trying to figure it all out I dont know a cleaner and I've never had a place tell me to hire a cleaner. RP apartments also isnt known for handing people thier refunds and doing honest business and eLauri is a snake I think she does things not so up n up wiht me all the time . Thats that thou. I just dont know why or how to ask her so I'm getting june back right? How do I ask then and what do I say if I get the same responce as before or we'll see after we move. I have no means of defence or republtle I cant twist thier arm and certinly I dont know what tree to bark up to puruse it and I dont know I have endurance for the cost and hassel so I feel stupid. AT this point I have to move its done I cant undue my letter notince to move. Its not the face of adpating or moving. G2g bf is up and we're chatting so anyhow will finish this thought later.

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