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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-05-09 12:49:01 (UTC)

Saucy Ed

Before I was about to masturbate, I checked messages on my Whatsapp, and Ed did what he does best.....surprises me with random jhfsfhhfdhhffvhfvb turn-ons!

The last we text each other, I had told him, Bumble wants to take me out on his Harley next weekend, and then I sent Ed a photo of Bumbles Harley. He replied, "Nice!"

So just now, I opened our message box on WhatsApp, and he had sent a video with a message, "Wanna ride this?"

Holy fk, the video was him in gym gear, and the camera facing his torso and groin and him pulling up his top slowly, then stroking over the rock beneath his gym shorts.....my God, Ed....you do have a beautiful cock. As he glides over it, he turns to the side then reveals it all to me. PING! Lol, it bounces out from his shorts, and my mouth opens, lick my lips and bite my bottom lip. I replied, "Yes, let's ride."

Mmm, Ed! You sexy sort.

I changed my profile pic on my WhatsApp from a photo I took of me last night. It riled, Ed. And Paul text saying, "Beautiful photo, so many thoughts run through my mind."

Whatever, Paul.


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