This Is It - 2021
2021-05-08 00:00:00 (UTC)

One Thing or Another


Had to get up this morning and drive on over to my mom's "friend's" house (She doesn't like any words for a dating partner, lol - "Boyfriend" is too childish, "Partner" is almost solely associated with gay people here, "Significant other" and "Lover" are too stiff/formal-sounding - So "friend" it is). I saw a billboard for a comic convention that's supposedly happening this weekend, but I could NOT find anything about it when I tried to look it up. Devastating news

I bought some stuff to work on something crafts I've been meaning to do while my sister and mom were busy, but it occured to me afterwards that maybe I should've gotten my hair cut while I was out and about. It has started getting Rather Long, though I have at least kept it from growing over my ears. Oh well. I think this necklace will be a neat little gift (provided it doesn't just immediately dye their skin green...)

Oh! And my car broke again! Not an exploding tire this time, luckily, but my "lock actuator" went out in my back door (Again, actually. Other one did about a year ago) so now my door is once again secured shut by bungee cords for a couple days until the new part comes in. At least we knew what part we needed this time - and the guy coming around to fix it has already done this before (the last time my car did this) - so we didn't have to wait to figure all that out. Too bad my mom's car has to get a tire replaced because a giant screw made a home in it. Just one thing after another, ain't it??

Anyway I need to head to bed I only had a short dozing nap earlier and I gotta get up and help my mom out for Mother's Day tomorrow

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