If I die today
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2021-05-08 17:03:41 (UTC)

dreaming with him

Well here I am at nDea's house well his place still least tille tommorow I got an invite for a nother night I have been here since a bit after 3 yesterday. there was wine boxed wine like 8% yesterday and I've been smoking to help my tooht. I've already taken 2 of the new vitimains so my 3rd will be dinner then trying to sustain 3 a day. Been eating good. ACtually he;s a wonderful man cooking dinner now I (we) went to be after 10 so maybe between 10 and 11 then i woke up at about 530 but back to sleep then on and off tilee around 10 when we kicked off the day of nothing much we're kinda a fun bunch lol. I' hva been drinking wine in small glasses since maybe noon or so IDK we were eating a late lunch. IDK what else I have aspirations I love him and want to be with him . nothing jumping out at me so the quesion of the day is.. Oh good one
What are my dreams and desires?
Well I want to be a housewife and have a good relationship and I want to be with my man I love him s much Id like our own place and a functional relationship where I can help and serve him and mutal love and care. Nothing to fancy about a place I would just be happy having a role as a so to speak house wife. Dreams and desires.. well I desire to be healthy and live to 125. I also could use friends I'll take em. I want to be out of pain in my tooth . I'd like to be respected respectable and trustworthy and trusted. have a pure heart and consicous so yeah Id like to be married. Mayve have freinds over for game nights or something board games. I dont know if I want to much to do with society as is. Id hope to stay strong and not fall into the deciet and comprise. I would like more weopery and defence skills. If all things were possible I would like to out of the ssdi and have other provisions goverment free.. Well my brain cant handle this train of thought much longer so time to go do something