If I die today
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2021-05-07 08:35:28 (UTC)

My heads in the clouds ..

My heads in the clouds I"ve been awake since around 530 fell asleep at around 830/9ish. Ive stretched started chores. had coffee food vitimans blah balh I"m doing 2 of the new vitiamin today that seems to be smooth. This weekend Ill start my 3 a day on that maybe thru the end of this month then just cut back to one a day. I"ve been canceling renters insurance and set sptrum up to be moved. I signed up for 19.99 for tv ugh I think ill have to call them and cancel that too it was kinda a sum chioce I get a 30day trail starting the 28th so I think I'll call mid june unless nDea gets this new job. I"m supposed to be saving money IDK how I let them rope me into the tv deal. I'll figure it out. Last timeI had a 30day trial they didnt honor it I never got the free days. Well anyhow I have some reflx going on. Got a few I think I did good I wanna say I bought less than 50$ in food yesterday but I have some fresh things on hand I addded the strawberries to my yogurt this morning. I still have strawberiies left thou not like I ate a whole box. I have apples a few precut pinapple and then carrots and cabbage and aspargus for veggies. defintly no need to overstock before the move I'm so weird about food. Im gonna work on packing up some more stuff today. I had just gotten ahead of myself and forgot to write this morning so I already have thrown laudnry in and dishes are "soaking". I'll do some more in a minute on those. today question
What do I often teach others?
Okay so almost hypocritically I sugguest eatingwell to others. I woul dlike to to teach otehrs about spirtitual warefar. I'm an awful teacher thou and probally not really mastered it all myself. I feel like prepardenss is something I enourage. I also seem to be edgy about abuse I like to think of sneaky ways to fight back and esapces. For me I try to teach people that when i'm doing something a certian way I tell them if I know its odd or if I'm confused I just say i'm autistic and so this might be why i'm doing this or why I dont understand so I guess educationing on what I know of autism. I suppose thats all as far as teaching people .

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