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Through the Looking-Glass
2021-05-08 22:40:07 (UTC)

Bumsex, Please

He is gone. Geezus holy fuck, I will eat that man alive; He felt intimidated, and I asked, "Feeling nervous?" to which he said, "I am nervous, yes." Trying my best to make him feel comfortable, but my divvy, insatiable vag was on overload, and my knickers were soaked. I was controlled, though and delved into more teasing. However, his underhanded comments of me being wild were noted. I am already turned off. I can't be fucking with a puppy dog, BUT lmao, hold your horses.....I have Ed for intensity, and to be fair to Bumble, I noticed he had mental commentary going on to hold back. I ploughed that man with seduction, the eyes, body language, slight moves, my long hair, my lips, my big boobs perching beautifully in black lace seen over the rim of my low v-neck blouse, squishing them slyly with my arms. I tested it, too, by moving a leg just enough not to show anything but a little more of my inner thigh (from my fitted skirt that rode up my leg when we sat). His eyes were everywhere, but Bumble was holding back, being a gentleman, and at times, he would move closer, stretch a hand closer in my direction and then pull back again. He even fucking blushed!!! I know, right!! That made me laugh, but it also turned me off, don't blush around me; get on with it already and give me fantastic bumsex - god only knows I need some. I'm even dreaming about it now.

I do think, Bumble is the quiet type but a lethal fuck. I mean, geezus, that kinky shit he is into, I have already decided I am trying! Lol. I need to explore that. I told Phil about it after my date. I called him as he was on the phone to me before the date, too, giving me support, lol. Phile said, "Fuck that!" regarding Bumble's kink. Hahahahahahaha. We did have a giggle. I'm keeping him updated.

He made it clear he wanted to see more of me, and he is playing the long game - I am not playing the long game, but I LOVE to tease and seduce, and so it fits for now. I will most likely fuck him on our next date. It was kinda cute (puke) how he came out of the loo and blurted out suddenly as if he had worked up to asking me, "So when are you free for another date?" I was busy checking my messages on my phone and laughing at one, in particular, sent to me and had ignorantly bypassed what he had asked and proceeded to tell him about what Ed had sent me in a text. I know, I'm a bad, evil bitch, but when you don't care either way a date goes, it doesn't apply, lo,l.

He was not impressed I just totally blew out his candle with my blow torch, lol. I felt 'a bit' bad (for a moment) and said, "Oh, another date. Well, okay. Yes, we can do another date. Where are we going?" he smiled and said, "let's go where you wanted to go today, I'll bring my Harley and perhaps we can go for a ride too? Also, where can I leave it safely here?" I thought, Ohhhhh! He is planning on leaving his Harley safely at mine, is a little birdy telling me he wants to stay over and make me scream? So I reply, "Oh, you can go around my back gate and put it in my garden; it will be safe there. Laugh. Not sure about you, though." he laughed, "I was wondering."

He went on to feel the need to tell me he prefers to spend time with someone he likes before being physical with them. I looked at him blankly, "That's all dandy and rosey, but you shouldn't leave it too long because otherwise, you might become too attached emotionally before realizing you have no sexual chemistry, and then you're doomed for the rest of your life." he grinned, "Good, point."

Before he left, Bumble asked if he could hug me and before I said, "yes", he grabbed me and squeezed me super tight, then kissed my neck very deep and slowly then kissed my cheek. I thought, hmm, okaaay. Then he asked twice if I was alright, and I said, "Yes, I am good, you?" laughing at his randomness, he smiled and said, "I need to hug you again." and grabbed hold of me once again, wrapped his arms around me and held me super tight! Then kissed my neck again and breathed me in, "I'll see you later, and I'm looking forward to seeing you next week. Thank you for a great evening."

He was sexy, gorgeous body, kind and chatty, but he blushed a lot, and I felt like I had the devil in my eyes as he went shy a lot. Kinda, put me off. I hope for his sake he chills out and starts to unravel his masculinity and revels in it because I am a woman who relishes in that eight days a week!

I have pondered, maybe I might become his sort of teacher in the ways of women's wiley ways, have loads of bad and good sex with him, and show him the difference or how women do things/say/behave to rule out better what he needs and don't need. Phil told me not to do it because he will fall in love, and I said, "Good point, that could be tragic."

I noticed he hadn't come on his Harley tonight but in his car. It was a light grey, very pimped out BMW, but not like a boy racer car, lol; it was classy and made my vag pulse. My only thought was, "Hmm, nice wheels, we should fuck in that." and then the idea passed.

ALSO, during our date, I got three privately held calls. I answered the first two, and my caller was silent. It was super awkward because Bumble was next to me on the sofa, LOL, and he stopped talking as I responded to my phone. I know, right, lousy dating habit of mine to answer the phone! But then, I am not serious about Bumble, so it doesn't matter, lol. He was gracious, and whoever called me didn't say anything. For a moment, I thought it was Mr B, and then I imagined jumping on Mr B's face and fucking him till he couldn't breathe to tell him off for interrupting my date.

I'm hoping it was Mr B and NOT 'my ex guy'.....the 'my ex guy' can go fuck a goat. He is getting no more bumsex from this little petal.

I'm so horny right now, and I've had two JD's and two Rum's, and I just want BUMSEX! I considered phoning Ed, but he's married and tied down to the missus on the weekend. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, rules are for the weak.

All in all, it was a good tease and lots of enticement, and Bumble is likely having a wank, lol, and I am likely to do the same. Not because of him but because of my fantastic performance in seduction. LMFAO...

Oh, Ed texts me more during my date, and so did Paul. Little shits, they knew Bumble was coming around at 6 pm. Ed is all turned on by me having a date, and Paul wants to be the date. Smh....Ive got a dad, thanks, lol. I think I need to have sex with Ed.

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