my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-05-08 19:44:36 (UTC)

planning to pray

Today, I woke up early. While my mother was sleeping, I prepared breakfast for both me and my father. My father liked it so much. Then, I joined the philosophy class. I think our teacher is a really nonsense man and I think he doesn't deserve to be a teacher. Listening to him for 40 minutes was difficult to me. I watched some videos after the class. then, I studied. Today was productive to me. I studied well and I was able to have a rest.
In the evening, I started to do maths term paper. I completed 28% of it. I'm solving questions, and I do this while listening to music. It is so relaxing for me :')
By the way, today is a special day for Muslim people. So, my grandma came to us. While I was doing my homework, my cousin called my grandma. I picked up the phone. Normally, I don't want to talk with her, but if didn't talk today, my grandma woul be upset. Anyway, we talked but I couldn't hear her voice. Then, I told her this and offered to call from my phone. I think she thought that I don't want to talk with her. Anyway, we didn't talk too much.

My mother made a dessert for today. We gave some of it to our best neighbor. I love this tradition of my culture, if you give some food to someone, they don't bring your plate empty :D
Also, I didn't know what to do today. I wanted to write to my crush, but I didn't I was't sure what I want and I'm stil not. Maybe next week I can write...

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