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2021-05-08 12:29:18 (UTC)

Time to spice things up 🙃

Well, I think it's time to get out of my comfy zone and try a few new things again. I'm not complaining really. I do have a pretty good life as is. I won't ever have to worry about retirement because thankfully, the place I work has a retirement and I got enough time put in to have a pretty comfortable life even if I decided to retire early. But I won't because my job is still fun. The gym? It's so easy for me only because I've been doing these classes for years now so it's second nature going 5 times a week. It keeps me healthy enough even though I do some not so healthy things like...... drinking my vino 🍷😬. Since it's near summer, my friends are starting to crank up our group events. More than enough things to do this summer. But I'm thinking I could do more. I talked about my baskets of life being pretty well balanced except of course for one.. I guess watching Youtube vids of that certain guy made me think a bit more and instead of not wanting to do as they are doing (Not forming female relationships), it made me think in the other direction.

So... that is one basket that has been somewhat empty. I think it's time. Not saying I will get anywhere but I think it's time to put a little bit more of an effort to start dating again. I wish the one or ones I did find interest in didn't live so far away. Like... Canada.!!!😱. So I'll at least give that online thing a try. I don't believe it in 100% but I think the Facebook dating thing is free so I'll start there. I still don't want to taint my gym atmosphere so I'll still keep that one drama free for now.

BTW, I did my 5th crossfit class for the week. We did something a little weird and somewhat new today. We did bear crawls but.... over boxes!! That's new to me. Climbing up is ok but going down the box?? That was a little tricky. Do it wrong and you can actually flip over or perhaps fall flat on your face not anticipating the extra weight that will be on your arms coming down from it. Even harder when you got Spongebob arms like mine. Speaking of arms, I confess I took a peek at it in the mirror the other day. I know I know.... sounds vain but I had so many days of sore muscles, I was hoping something changed. Well, you know those guys that walk around and their deltoids are noticeable and pop out just by walking? Well......that ain't me :) However, when I pull my arms back to stretch, and if I'm sweaty, and if the lights are at the right angle, then I see my deltoids too. hehe. I'll take what I can get. 🤪 We also added standup punching bags into our workouts again. I saw them come in last week and we used them today. I love love love punching bags!!! I don't know why but it's one of my fav!! Sleds would be about the same. Two of my favorite workouts along with jump ropes.

Don't know why but I had a flashback of a time I was living in Hawaii. We were probably maybe about 17 or 18 yrs old. Still poor as can be working at Mcd's. Well, we were in Waikiki and went to the beach. I don't know why but we always seem our hungriest after boogie boarding. So My friend and I would go to this place called "Perry Boys Smorgie". It was an all you can eat buffet place and we'd eat out in the balcony facing the beach. My friend Charlie and whomever else was there was behind the restaurant on the beach waiting. We'd toss fried chicken to them so they could eat too. Hehe. We were bad teens but it beats eating mangos. The things we did to survive as teens. I still smile thinking about it. Life in Hawaii 😊

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