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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-05-08 13:24:20 (UTC)

Going down, down, down on a wet day :))

So Bumble is coming around my house tonight. We're going to hang out, but I won't be the shorts & t-shirt type. Nope, I will make an effort; go for a sexy, feminine classy look. I want him looking at me with thoughts going through his mind and feeling a need to be closer. I will seduce him but not give it up (dependant that my vag doesn't take over my brain). They say guys are two people in one person, themselves and their dicks; any one of their people can take them over. Well, some women are the same way. Myself included.

Geezus, life is full of too many societal rights and wrongs of living, behaving, doing, and not doing. Fuck all those. Life is about exploration, experimentation, seizing opportunities, breaking fears, all of which bring happiness, excitement and much more profound lessons.

I have told Ed, Paul, Phil, Vicky, Angela and Vicki from work that I have a date tonight.

Ed was not impressed at all. Yeah, he messaged me yesterday, so I told him I have a date, and he said, "Oh, right, from the hiking group?" So I sent him a pic of Bumble, all ripped from the gym, lol and said, "Nope, with him." He looked at it and only replied with a thumbs-up emoji and not said anything since, lol.

Paul said, "A date, with whom? I sent him the same ripped pic of Bumble, lol. Paul replies, "Glad you got back into dating. Shame it's not me (wink emoji" then he proceeds to do the caring dad bit and asks how I feel about the date, how I feel about guys giving me attention. Blah blah blah. I said, Im not that bothered by the attention, and he says, surely you like it, and I told him, I'm single and independent because I am intelligent and know what most of them want - sex. So he replies with, "But it's a great boost for your self-esteem." To which I said, "My self-esteem is boosted already. I don't need another person to validate that." I thought, what a dickhead thing to say!

Paul said, "How do you know they only see the goods?" I said, "Because it's the reason I am single and intelligent enough to know the difference (rolling eye emoji)", he replies, "You're driving me insane! I'm sure I just heard fingers snapping!"

Yeah, Paul is the epitome of a nice guy. I'm irritated by him, lol.

Phil, is backing me to have a great time; bless him. he sent me loads of pics of the inside of his American truck, the bed, fridge, stuff, LMAO. Very entertaining, thanks, Phil.

Vicky asked me to meet her Wednesday night at a pub she chose for a drink and chinwag about my date and her weekend.

Angela is going to walk tomorrow. I'm not. I've worked out every day this week with runs and toning. Not walking this week, plus got me a date tonight lol....and possibly, maybe a really good fuck. Bumble has clarified that he is ultra into going down on a woman, and past lovers wanted it a lot more. So, I'm quids in there! Lol....I will relive that lil fantasy of me on the edge of something and pushing his head down between my thighs. At some point, not sure if I will tonight..... I need to feel if there is chemistry in person first.

Anyway's, I'm going for a dip in the bath and tart myself up, his coming at 6 pm! Ooooouuuuuuuu! :))

I told him if he turns out to be a nutjob - I've got a rolling pin :)

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