Do Not Disturb

2021-05-07 21:59:55 (UTC)

I'm Alive

Surgery was a success but I indeed cried like a baby like I was but I went through it. I did it. I just.had to stay in the hospital for another 2 hours so,I was in the room watching Golden Girls.

Hey,call me old school if you want to I don't care. I kind of actually like watching it. I don't know why I didn't start watching it sooner. I tried to see if, they had it on Hulu on my phone as soon as I got home from the hospital and turns out they did and I added it to my list of things to watch when I'm bored.

I cried like a little baby like I was in that surgery room because as you may know I don't like needles at all and I still haven't gotten any sleep since the am and I need some rest especially after this somewhat yet bee like painful surgery because that's what they said that's what its gonna feel like. They still gave me something to numb the pain but it wasn't working at all. I was just ready to get it over with honestly.

They said I'm able to go back to work tomorrow but to be honest I'm not really up for it but I have to I just can't do no heavy lifting. And it's the fact that I can't stand my job and the people their. But I get another day off on Monday.

And you know of coarse my mother had to post about it on Facebook and people actually cared. I mean... Why wouldn't they ? But they commented so quickly. I don't even be on Facebook not even that early.

It took at least 10 to 15 minutes for me to do the procedure and I had to stay in the hospital room until 11. I wish I could stay longer. I kind of liked it their but I had to go home. Sadly though.

I don't think I like Q anymore well I do just not as much as I use to anymore. Everyone keeps saying how I was wrong for breaking up with him but if it was the other way around it wouldn't be any difference.

But its my decision the last time I recall . Even if, he's considered a "good guy ." Or,never did me wrong. I don't know that. He could still text other girls as well. He's so quick to get back together with me. But I'm not sure if, I want to get back together with him just yet. I just wanna take it slow at leat but he wants to take it fast. My mother doesn't mind me taking it fast with him obviously. 🙄

Or,any other person in my family.

Me and JT is still texting but nothing is going on their. He claims he was worried about me and me having my surgery. How sweet of him to say ?

Q said the same thing though.

My mother told me that I should focus on myself and that I'm always rushing into relationships but then when it comes to Q she doesn't mind because he actually treats me right. Make up your mind woman. But then again,its my right to mind woman.

- A

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