La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-05-07 14:48:45 (UTC)

¡All roads lead to Rome!

There some that say, that all roads lead to rome. And it's true because mine takes me every night to the space that names you. And I speak and let go, a smile, a blasphemy and two defeats, then I turn off your eyes. And I sleep with your name kissing my mouth. oh love of mine, how terribly absurd it is to be alive without the soul of your body, without your heartbeat. The end of this story, nth autobiography of a failure don't set an example for you, who claims that love is a miracle and that their is no bad that heals, but it's also not good for it to last a hundred years. That almost saves him, the bad are the nights that wet my hand. Although it's all nothing, I don't know why you hide and run away from my encounter.
Knowing about your life, I don't think it ouwits any commandment, so terrible is the hate, you don't even dare show me your contempt. But don't listen to me what happens to me is that this world I don't understand. Oh love of mine!