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2021-05-07 08:33:29 (UTC)

Fun at the Day Job

[personal entry follows]

To sum it up, I've been suddenly-accused of being a "jealous racist" by a client at the day job. My assumption is that this client's feelings were hurt based on the grades they earned on an assignment and the second Exam in the training. I released video reviews of their assignments, and maybe after watching all or part of the first one - where I review their two-word response to an essay question - he felt upset enough to write me an email and accuse me.

Maybe this will blow over. That's what I'm hoping, anyway. I sent links to the video reviews to the client's job coach and to my supervisor, in the event this starts building into something more than just a client blowing off some steam. Based on the client's performance on these exams, my video reviews of them, and my (well-documented) history of working in harmony with literally hundreds of clients not of my own apparent race, this client is just making a baseless accusation. This makes me think it's just their emotions talking.

The better part of the outcome of this experience is that one of my coworkers (this client's job coach) and I had a conversation about it. Just yesterday, we had a discussion about emotions and rational, reasonable behaviour, and how she is personally working towards not being so reactive and emotionally-charged in terms of responding to something that doesn't go her way. This morning, she acknowledged that I "stayed cool" when I heard the news from her about the client's accusation, and that I showed her what she wanted to be like.

I admitted to her that I personally work very hard at reining in my emotions both in the day job and in other aspects of life. I let her know I appreciate her acknowledging it, because even though it's something I put a lot of effort into, I don't think I've heard much of an acknowledgement of that from anyone.

I even spilled my first cuppa coffee of the day (well-before and totally unrelated to hearing this news and the accusation... I was just being clumsy), and although it took time to clean up, the spill didn't really ruffle my feathers much.

Hey, at least it's a Friday. I'm at the garden this afternoon, and I have pizza and bird-watching and game design on the agenda for this evening. Flowers for my mother should be delivered later today. Whatever, man.