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2021-05-07 10:57:08 (UTC)

The nightmare of covid traveling

Ugh, have you tried yet to travel during covid? Its a total nightmare. Nothing is transparent. You don't know whic airlines or hotels require a covid test and which dont because they don't. They change their policies every fucking day and make you responsible for it. They tell you cancelations or changes are free but fail to tell you that your particular ticket does not apply to the rules. So they won't change anything and then even though you're vaccinated you have to go somewhere you don't even want to go anymore because you'll need a covid test both coming and going. Its fucking bullshit and now my partner and I are pissed and taking it out on each other. It just fucking sucks!! It totally defeats the point of a vacation. I'm more stressed out by this than anything else.

On a brighter note, yesterday I attended my former sangha virtually cause God forbid I have human contact anymore except at work where I'm exposed to hundreds of sick people everyday anyway. But at least it was good to see some familiar faces. I miss familiar faces. I miss the practice of meditation and growing spiritually with like minded people. I have felt so disconnected from that even as I try to do everything online now.

Anyway, I'm almost at work and am filled with a little self loathing having felt the need to vent so early in the day. But it is what is.